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Mondriaan composition MANU

Mondriaan composition MANU

Kandinsky said: ” Music and Art possess the same power. Color is the key, the eye the hammer and the soul is the piano with many chords. The artist is the hand, which by pressing the chord automatically incites the soul to vibrate. Like notes in the music, line and colour have to correspond with the vibrations of the human soul”.

Keeping Kandinsky and not to forget Mondriaan, in mind, Sophia has used the 3 basic colors red, blue and yellow as well as the 3 derived colors green ( blue-yellow), orange (red-yellow) and purple ( red-blue). By retaining a certain canvas and rhythm in gaps and sizes, a harmonious entity has been created.


Description: Mondriaan composition Manu

Material: various materials

Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm.

Sophia Harms- van Estrik